Listserv: Mar 22, 2016


“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”

[Meditations Divine and Moral]”
Anne Bradstreet, The Works of Anne Bradstreet

Tweet of the Week! (HSA_McGill)

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The Preamble

Hello everyone!

On this first week of spring, we have several amazing events coming up including a roundtable called “Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll” hosted by the HGSA and elections campaigns starting. How awesome is that?

We would also like to thank everyone who participated (and enjoyed) our magnificent soirée à la Belle Époque last Friday, and pity the others who didn’t come and are now stuck with major FOMO. (Just kidding, your cat still loves you)

(And yes, the Tweet of the Week is there to give you hope for the paper you just handed in)

Our hearts and thoughts go to Belgium this morning.

Have a safe and wonderful week!


– Charlotte

The Main Events

Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll: A Spring Lecture Series

March 23, 6 PM at Arts 160

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Spring Lecture Series which is being co-hosted with the undergraduate associations (HSA and CSA).

This mini-lecture series is focused on the history of Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll and will feature short talks from two profs and two of our own PhD’s!

It’s sure to be a fantastic and interesting evening – WITH SNACKS – so, please come and enjoy!

The current line-up includes:
– Dr. Travis Bruce, “What If I Accidentally Have Sex With Someone From Another Religion?”
– Dr. Jason Opal, “Of Prudes and Patriarchs: The Peggy Eaton Scandal of 1829-31 and the Roots of U.S. Feminism”
– Justin Irwin, “‘His Sceptre and His Prick are of a Length’: The Public Sex Life of Charles II”
– Rebecca Robinson, “Listen but Don’t Learn: Wham! and the Politics of Rock & Roll in post-Mao China”

Elections Campaigning Period

The elections campaign for HSA’s next executive has just started!

Here are our running candidates:

Adam R. Templer for VP External/Academics: Electoral platform

Kate Bauer for President: Electoral Platform

Tiffany Alves-Wallace for VP Communications (the most prestigious position, of course)

Good luck to our candidates and remember, you have until March 31st to vote!

French Atlantic History Group Talk Series

March 25, 2016, 4:30-6:30 PM, Leacock 808

This Friday, the French Atlantic History Group is hosting Professor Michael Kwass (Johns Hopkins University). All are welcome.

Please note that since Friday is a holiday, access to the Leacock building will be limited to the door on the ground floor in the north-east corner (as it is on weekends). We will have someone on the door to let people in.
Michael Kwass (Johns Hopkins University)

A discussion of his recent book
Contraband: Louis Mandrin and the Making of a Global Underground
(Harvard University Press, 2014)

Michael Kwass discusses his recent book, Contraband (Harvard University Press, 2014)…/…/429852

Michael Kwass is Associate Professor in the department of history at Johns Hopkins University. His first book, Privilege and the Politics of Taxation in Eighteenth-Century France (Cambridge UP, 2000), offered a new interpretation of the origins of the French Revolution through the lens of fiscal history.
His most recent book, Contraband: Louis Mandrin and the Making of a Global Underground, introduces a much-needed global dimension to early modern French history, and deepens his efforts to bridge questions of culture, consumption, and politics. Through the life of the notorious French smuggler Louis Mandrin (a Gallic Robin Hood), Kwass explores the violence of contraband and its repression. Contraband has won four prizes, including the J. Russell Major Prize from the AHA, and the Gilbert Chinard of the Society for French Historical Studies.
He is currently working on a book entitled Consumer Revolution 1650-1800, which reflects on the social, cultural and political implications of Western consumption before the Industrial Revolution.

All are welcome!


Montreal British History Seminar

Jameel Hampton (Liverpool Hope University):
“Disabled People and the Welfare State in Britain.”

4 pm, Thursday, 24 March 2016, McGill: Thomson House 404.

Dr. Hampton’s talk will draw from his forthcoming book, *Disability and the Welfare State in Britain*. From its very start at the end of World War II, the British welfare state—despite its grand promises—excluded millions of disabled people. The book traces attempts over the subsequent three decades to reverse this exclusion. The first book to set disability in the context of the history of the welfare state, it shows how policy and perceptions were slow to change, and it offers close analysis of key groups and moments, like the Disablement Income Group and the 1972 Thalidomide campaign.

Save the date! Yan P. Lin Centre: Inaugural Lecture

April 13, 2016, 4:30- 6 pm
McGill University Faculty Club Ballroom

Orlando Patterson (John Cowles Professor of Sociology, Harvard University) will deliver the inaugural lecture of the Yan P. Lin Centre for the Study of Freedom and Global Orders in the Ancient and Modern Worlds:
“Freedom and Contestation in Western Culture: From the Ancient Greeks to America’s Tea Party.”

Workshops on Social Science Research (WSSR)

Spring 2016 registration is open!

The WSSR provide a diverse range of opportunities for discussion and the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and experiences. Our workshop guest lecturers include current and former political leaders and elected representatives from various levels and branches of government, senior-level bureaucrats, Officers of Parliament, and academics who are at the top of their fields, all with years of experience in the Canadian and international contexts.

Also, in collaboration with both the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) and the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), the WSSR offer top-level training in both qualitative and quantitative methods. These workshops range from introductory-level research methods to workshops in advanced qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.

The WSSR are available to everyone to take either for credit or non-credit. Spring registration is now open but hurry, early-bird registration rates end at midnight on April 15th!

Find out more here: WSSR Spring 2016 Workshops

Museum of Jewish Montreal – Food Fellowship

We are looking for motivated, food-loving individuals to lead our Beyond the Bagel food tours and other food programming at theMuseum of Jewish Montreal. Through evening workshops in April and May, Museum staff will train you in the city’s Jewish food culture and history and prepare you to contribute fully to our food-related programming. You’ll explore the evolution of Jewish cooking from its roots as an oral tradition, learn about Ashkenazi and Sephardic food cultures and their impact on Montreal, and discover new ways of thinking about Jewish food.

This is a call for applicants for young professionals and students interested in taking part in the Fellowship. After completing the month-long training, we are hoping to hire Fellows on a contract basis as guides and food programming facilitators.

Applications (CV & cover letter) are due Monday, March 28 at 5pm



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