President- Shannon Stemper

Hello, I am Shannon Stemper, the 2021-2022 President of the HSA! I am a U4 Honors History major. I do not have a specific focus- I love history and want to cover as many topics as I can! My priority is to foster an inclusive, representative, and equitable environment for all McGill history students to flourish. This will be accomplished through open communication, accurate representation of the student body, and increased opportunities for participation in the HSA.

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VP Events Selena Cai

Hi everyone! My name is Selena Cai, and I am super excited to be representing your 2021-2022 VP Events! I am a U2 student with a historical interest in practically everything, especially ancient Greece, 20th century China and Japan, and anything involving music. This year, I want to emphasize running safe and inclusive events, such as documentary screenings and historical fashion shows.

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VP Communications- Lis Riveros

Hi! My name is Lis Riveros, and I am so excited to be serving as your VP Communications! I am a U1 student majoring in Honours History with a double minor in Communications and Medical Ethics, with a research emphasis on the nineteenth-century rise of the North American Middle Class. This year, I am eager to work on the upcoming HSA podcast between students and professors and developing our promotional video.

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VP Internal- Reagan Coles

Hello! My name is Reagan Coles, and I am looking forward to being your VP Internal. I am a third-year student double majoring in history and political science, with a somewhat specialization in United States history. My main emphasis this upcoming year for my position is to distribute affordable merchandise–especially stickers!

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VP Finance- Annie Costello

Hey! My name is Annie Costello, and I am extremely excited to be your VP Finance! I am in my third-year, majoring in Honours History, focusing on eighteenth-century worldly studies, with a minor in marketing. I am looking forward to creating more scholarships and ensuring we have surplus for merchandise opportunities.

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VP Academic- Julian Miller

Hi! My name is Julian Miller, and I’m a fourth-year student in Honours History & English: Cultural Studies. I’m looking forward to acting as a go-between for students and the department, keeping up our peer tutoring program, and planning as many talks and events as we can manage as we transition back to on-campus programming.

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First Year Representative- Matthew Tussman

Hello everyone! My name is Matthew Tussman (he/him) and I am this year’s First Year Representative of the HSA. I am a U1 student from Montreal, majoring in History with a minor in Political Science. This year, my role on the HSA is to spearhead initiatives based on the demands of first year students.

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