Historical Discourses is a journal for showcasing exceptional research and writing by undergraduates within the History Department. This sub-organization accepts dozens of essay submissions from history students throughout the university, reviews them, and chooses a handful to publish in a formal journal annually. You can download this year’s publication and previous editions in PDF format at the bottom of the page.

Please note: All essays become property of Historical Discourses and cannot be reproduced without the permission of the authors. Historical Discourses accepts history papers written by McGill undergraduate students in either English or French.


Newest Issue

2021-2022 Volume XXXVI

Past Issues 

Historical Discourses Vol. 30.2 (F2016-2017)

Historical Discourses Vol. 30.1 (S2016-2017)

Historical Discourses Vol. 29 (2014-2015)

Historical Discourses Vol. 28 (2013-2014)

Historical Discourses Vol. 27 (2012-2013)

Historical Discourses Vol. 26 (2011-2012)

Historical Discourses Vol. 25 (2010-2011)

Historical Discourses Vol. 24 (2009-2010)

Historical Discourses Vol. 23 (2008-2009)

Historical Discourses Vol. 22 (2007-2008)




Released in February 2020 to showcase student research and initiatives, A Piece of Work brings the life of history to you, at any time, wherever you are. Each episode of A Piece of Work delves into “overlooked” moments in history: from studying the experiences of violence amongst gay men in the inter-war period to the multi-religious relations of Al-Andalus, contextualizing the hidden yet significant events of the past is what this podcast does best.

Created and produced by our current VP Communications Lis Riveros and former VP Communications Arielle De Leon, the six episodes of this season remind us that we must heed the past as we consider what it means to live in the present. You can listen to the first season below on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, or Google Podcasts.


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