Sept 16, 2018

Hi everyone,
We are having a little technical difficulties in unsubscribing people from the HSA Listerv, but we are working on fixing the problem!

Please note that if you have emailed me last week, I have your subscription references on hand; however, I can only implement them once the issue has been solved.

Deadline Next Monday: HSA VP Internal Application 

The deadline for the VP Internal position is this Monday, September 24th!
The History Students’ Association is looking for a VP Internal to join our current executive team for the 2018-2019 school year!
To find out more about the responsibilities and apply, please click here:

First HSA Event: 5 à 8 

The Political Science, International Development Studies, Economics, Sociology and History Students’ Associations are delighted to be hosting a 5 à 8 (it’ll be way better than 5 à 7, trust). La Petite Grenouille is graciously holding our back to school event and with a buffet table of finger food, flowing beer and sangria, there is no better way to kick off your weekend!

Tickets will be sold at LEA420, LEA114C, LEA629 and LEAB31.

Ticket prices are as follows: $5 for departmental students and $7 for non-departmental students. Each ticket includes finger food and drinks.

HSA Office Hours to purchase tickets in Lea 629
Monday: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Tuesday: 11:00am-1:00pm
Wednesday: 12:30-5:00pm
Thursday: 12:30pm-4:00pm
Friday: 1:30pm-4:00pm

The McGill Journal of Political Studies is hiring staff writers and section editors for its online journal!

“We publish short articles in four main disciplines: International Relations; Canadian Politics; Political Theory; and Comparative Politics. Students from all departments are invited to apply by September 24th at

U Chicago Undergraduate Journal: Call for Submissions 

The Chicago Journal of History, the University of Chicago’s undergraduate journal for research in history and related fields in the social sciences and humanities, is accepting submissions for the upcoming Autumn 2018 edition. The Journal’s mission is to provide not only an opportunity for printed and online publication, but also a forum for dedicated undergraduate students of history and related fields from across the country to exchange ideas and share their intellectual passion. The Journal publishes biannually; each issue contains 5-7 original articles selected from a large pool of qualified submissions. All submissions are reviewed rigorously, and selected pieces undergo a collaborative editing process prior to publication.

Submission Guidelines:

1.     The Chicago Journal of History does not impose any particular thematic restrictions on its contributing authors. Submissions may engage any geographic area or thematic content, and adopt any methodological or disciplinary approach, so long as the paper engages with a particular historical topic and its associated historiography.

2.     The editorial board evaluates submissions by their originality, rigor, and style. We welcome papers written for lectures or seminars and work produced through independent research, as well as B.A. theses.

3.     Submissions must be between 15 and 40 double-spaced pages in length, including citations.

4.     Papers should be submitted to<> in an MS Word or PDF attachment (document title: “LastnameFirstinitial_CJH”). The subject line of the email should contain the author’s full name and the title of the submission.

5.     Citations must be formatted using the Chicago Manual of Style notes and bibliography system (for those unfamiliar, please consult the Chicago Manual of Style Quick Guide<>). Submissions lacking complete citations will be returned unread.

6.     Papers must be submitted by September 20th, 2018, 12:00 PM CST in order to be considered for the Autumn 2018 issue. [N.B.: the date listed on our Facebook Page and website is September 14th, but because of a communication mixup that prevented us from getting an email out to this school and a few others, we’re extending it a bit.]

7.     For more information about the journal and to read our previous issues, please visit our website<> [note that due to technical issues, some of the more recent work is instead hosted at].

8.     Feel free to contact the editorial board at<> with any particular questions concerning potential submissions.

Sankofa: The Journal of Decolonization, Postcolonial, Anti-Colonial Studies: Call for Editors 

Hello! We are looking for editors for our second issue (2018-19). Applicants can only be McGill Students, at both undergraduate and graduate levels. All applicants should send in their CV’s, as well as either a writing sample (preferably less than 10 pages – it can be excerpted from a larger work) or/and a statement of purpose. The statement should specify why the applicant wants to work for Sankofa.
All files should be Word documents or PDFs. Submissions are open till 11.00 PM, the 5th of October 2018. We look forward to hearing from you!

All applications should be sent to:

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