Listerv: Sept 9, 2017

Welcome Back!

My name is Sonia, and I will be your new VP Communications for the HSA this year! I am really trying to keep the emails short this year to avoid them being sent directly to “Trash” (rude!). But seriously, let me know how I can improve them because I am after all new at this!

The following is brought to your by my fellow incumbent members of the HSA and I (please find these cute pics of each of us below and feel free to stop us anytime on campus with questions or a friendly chat)

President: Eleanor Musick


VP Events: Lanya Feng


VP Communications: Sonia Mahajan


VP Internal: Mary Zhu


VP External: Rachel Almuli


VP Finance: Linnea Kornhauser


And our contact information/office hours can be found down below!

WINE and cheese

As part of welcoming in the new year, we would like to invite your to the HSA’s first social event of the year which will take place on September 21st, 2017 from 5-7pm (the location is TBD!)

It is absolutely important to stress that there will be WINE and cheese!! Feel free to bring your friends and come out to get to know the exec better 🙂

Upcoming History Talks

Also, please join us for the following talks from internationally renowned Professors:

  • Domestic Service in 19th Century Britain with Professor Judith Flanders (author and journalist, London)
    • Title: Truth vs. Myth
    • When: Wednesday, September 13 2017 at 4:30pm
    • Where: Leacock 808
  • History of Science with Professor Sorin Bangu from the University of Berg in Norway
    • Title: Reductionism, Constructionism and Explanation: The Case of Superconductivity
    • When: Friday, September 8th 2017, 3:30–5:00 pm.
    • Where: Leacock 927, McGill University.
    • Light refreshments will be served at 3:00 pm at Leacock 908.

The HSA and You

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, don’t be shy to contact any of us. Or just swing by our office during our office hours. .We are here to help!

Leacock 629, 855 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest | Montréal, Québec | H3A OC4

President – Eleanor Musick

Office Hours: Wednesdays, 12pm-1:30pm

VP Finance – Linnea Kornhauser

Office Hours: TBD

VP Internal – Mary Zhu

Office Hours: Mondays, 4pm-5:30pm

VP Events – Lanya Feng

Office Hours: Tuesdays 10am-11:30am

VP Communications – Sonia Mahajan

Office Hours: TBD

VP Academic/External – Rachel Almuli

Office Hours: TBD

AUS Essay Centre Tutoring

The AUS Essay Centre is currently recruiting essay tutors for the 2017/18 academic year! Tutors meet with students at drop-in hours a few times per week to provide writing advice and essay proofreading. Applicants must meet a 3.3 cumulative GPA and be available from 10:30-11:30 am some days of the week.

To apply, please send a writing sample to and fill out the application here:

Please submit both the online application and writing sample by September 20th.


Peer Support Centre Recruitment

The Peer Support Centre is recruiting for 2017-2018! We are looking to fill slots in our Promotions Team, and our Executive Team (Finance Coordinator), and our Data Team. You can learn more about these positions and how to apply in the application guides (Promotions:, Finance:, Data: Being a part of the PSC team will allow you to reach out to so many different members of the McGill campus and will permit you to make a difference in a truly tangible way. Our deadline for applying is September 18 at 11:59 pm. Follow us on Facebook ( our check out our website at to stay up-to-date on all things PSC!


McGill International Review Print Recruitment

The McGill International Review Print is recruiting for 2017-2018! The MIR Print is a student-run IRSAM undergraduate journal dedicated to high-quality research in international relations. Applications are open until September 14th, 2017 at midnight. Any questions can be directed to


Role: Working closely with the Editor-in-Chief, the editors will review submitted papers and feedback from peer reviewers in order to choose which papers to publish. Additionally, they will work with an author to prepare their submitted paper for publication.


Application form:


Layout Editor

Role: Working closely with the Editor-in-Chief, the layout editor will be responsible for the design and execution of the cover and internal pages of the 2017-2018 McGill International Review Print Journal.


Application form:



Also, please like and follow us on Facebook for posts from fellow members and the exec!



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