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As due dates loom, let’s put the timeline of the next few weeks into perspective. Classes end on December 5, 2016. That’s 19 days from today! If you’re one of the unlucky ones who has an exam on December 20, your term ends a mere 34 days away. Don’t worry, however – time will fly. For perspective, here is a list of historical moments that took longer than it will take us to get to the end of this semester.

  • It took the Mayflower 66 days to cross the Atlantic
  • It took 35 days for Pope Pius VIII to be chosen at the papal conclave in 1829
  • It took Roald Admundsen and his crew 56 days to reach the South Pole in 1911

Moral of the story: you’ll get there! And along the way, we’ll be with you. Good luck this week, history family!


  1. Professor Laura Madokoro’s Book Launch!
  2. Call for HIST Peer Tutors (PAID)
  3. Gerts Trivia Night – Thank You
  4. HSA – Tea and Solidarity
  5. Essay writing workshop
  6. Other Announcements
    1. German Undergraduate Journal Submissions
    2. Radical Walking Tour of Milton-Parc
    3. Her Campus McGill Speaker Series

Book Launch: Elusive Refuge

Le Paragraphe Bookstore (2220 Avenue McGill College) is launching Elusive Refuge: Chinese Migrants in the Cold War by Prof. Laura Madokoro on 24 November 2016 from 5 to 7 pm. Wine and cheese will be served.

Elusive Refuge recovers the history of China’s twentieth-century refugees. Focusing on humanitarian efforts to find new homes for Chinese displaced by civil strife, the books describes a constellation of factors―entrenched bigotry in white settler societies, the spread of human rights ideals, and the geopolitical pressures of the Cold War―which coalesced to shape domestic and international refugee policies that still hold sway today.

Call for Peer Tutors (PAID!)

The History Students Association has put out an application form for undergraduate students who excelled [received an A or an A- in the course] in Natives of the Americas (HIST 223), Health and Healer in the Western World (HIST 249), and World History 1300-2000 (HIST 213) interested in taking on the position of a peer tutor for their peers currently enrolled in these classes. This will entail holding up to one midterm and one final exam review sessions and is subject to certain restrictions to be discussed after submitting this application. The position is compensated.

To apply, please submit your application here:

English Version:

French Version:

Speaker Series

The Department of History and Classical Studies will be presenting a series of talks, held every other Monday at 3:30 in Leacock 834. Here is a list of presentations for the coming semester – make sure to come check out both our own professors and visiting experts from across the continent:

Monday, 28 November. Valerie Korinek (History, University of Saskatchewan)

“Exporting and Defending ‘Marriage’: Canada, Gay and Lesbian Marriage, and the International Implications”

Gerts Trivia Night – Thank You

We would like to thank all of the teams that participated to our trivia night last Friday. We hope that the questions were challenging enough and that you guys had as much fun answering them as we had fun writing them for you. Keep an eye out for our survey on the event, we would love your feedback so that we can keep bringing you more awesome events such as this one.

HSA – Tea and Solidarity

Where: Leacock 614

When: Wednesday, 4:00 p – 6:30 pm

To say that it has been a difficult week would be an understatement. We know that many of you have been going to bed with a heavy heart or some degree of confusion after last week’s election.

To anyone who feels unsafe right now (or has felt unsafe generally) because of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status, nationality, disability, or anything that makes you, you, the HSA would like to say that we are here to stand with you, listen and to tell you that we love you. We have decided to open up a space where both students and professors can engage in dialogue, grieve, look back at history and see all of the battles that have been won, or just be with each other.

There will not be a specific format to this event. We’ve noticed that the election is something that students have wanted to discuss with their profs both in and outside of class. Our hope is simply to provide a space to collectively heal, and to stand in solidarity.

Prof. Leonard Moore and Prof. Shanon Fitzpatrick will be attending. Of course, it goes without say that any professor, departmental association, or student is welcome to come; please let us know if there is anything we can do or add.

Essay Writing Workshop

With final papers very soon underway, the HSA has organized the following workshop to provide a review for History students on how to form a research strategy, how to locate and use sources properly and about the resources McGill offers for students to organize and properly cite their papers. Whether you’re an experienced student or just enrolled in the History program, this session hosted by the History Librarian will provide a valuable review of skills for anyone.

Sign up is first come first serve, for Thursday November 16th at 1:30pm.

*The McLennan E-classroom is to the immediate left of the library lobby, past the area with the printers/elevators, and to the back right of the large open study space.

Other Announcements


  • German Studies Journal Vielfalt:  call-out for submissions


Vielfalt, the interdisciplinary undergraduate journal from the department of German Studies, is looking for submissions for its seventh volume. We’re looking for academic papers, translations, and experimental or creative work on German language, literature, history, culture, and thought, in addition to visual artwork and photos. Previously unpublished work in German, English, or French is accepted, and all graded work must have received at least an A-. The deadline for submissions is December 20th, 2016, but if you are awaiting a grade for a paper, email us. Check out our previous issues at, and send submissions and any questions to We want your work!

  1. Radical Walking Tour of Milton-Parc

This walking tour will introduce McGill students to the story of Milton Parc, its vibrant history and reality of political struggles, particularly around housing rights, community control and ecology. We also seek to break down the gap between McGill students and the neighbourhood so as to build nourishing connections and future collaborations based in social values.

Meeting Point: Cafe El Mundo’s (Corner of Parc Avenue and Milton St)

Contact Person: Nathan McDonnell (514-561-4656; Contact Nathan if you think you will be late.

Free of charge.

  1. Her Campus McGill – Speaker Series

Her Campus McGill is ecstatic to present the second event for our WOMEN IN MEDIA speaker series. Hear from recent Desautel graduate, online influencer, and digital marketer for Essie + Maybelline New York, Ella Tsang!

Your $5 ticket includes access to Ella’s talk, light refreshments and the poss of winning some amazing prizes (Products TBA)!

For tickets, contact Meghan at 416-543-7811 or send a message to the Her Campus McGill page!

RSVP at our event link:

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