Listserv: Oct 4, 2016




Howdy, friends! I hope you’re still enjoying reading these emails from your friendly neighbourhood departmental executive team! Studies have shown that it takes anywhere from 21 to 66 days to build a good habit – we hope your habit of reading your weekly history news bulletin has started to become a part of your Tuesdays! If you’re like us and have started to lurk around McLennan more than normal, fear not – the library becomes the natural home of the history student right around Thanksgiving. You’re right on track! We hope you enjoy the week and have a lovely long weekend. Keep reading for important information about what’s coming up!



  1. This Week in History
  2. HSA Office Meet and Greet
  3. Call for Editor Submissions
  4. Halloween Lectures
  5. Speaker Series


This Week in History

On October 3, 1990, East and West Germany were reunited into one nation after 45 years of separation during the cold war!

On October 4, 1957, the very first human-made satellite to orbit the earth, Sputnik, was launched!


On October 5, 1880, the very first ballpoint pen was patented. How many pages of notes have you written with this handy invention?


HSA Exec Meet and Greet


Come join us on  Wednesday, October 12th. Pass by the office (Leacock 629) for welcome back (from Thanksgiving) tea and snacks with your executive! We will have free cookies, fruit, tea, hot chocolate and goodies for any and all history students. Come and say hi, or just grab a snack and check out our snazzy office!


Call for Editor Submissions

URGENT! We are still encouraging anybody interested and dedicated to apply to edit our  undergrad journal:

Historical Discourses, The McGill Undergraduate Journal of History is looking for 2 gems determined to edit the best undergraduate journal of all time (maybe)! As editors-in-chief, you will lead the editorial board for the selection and editing of papers, organize fundraising events and work closely with the executive of the History Students’ Association to publish the 2017 edition of the journal. Anyone who is interested in history is encouraged to apply. Visit our website to have more information and consult previous editions.

To apply, email us at

  • A cover letter indicating your interest in the position and your areas of interest in history
  • Your CV
  • A writing sample (history papers are an asset)

The deadline has been extended to October 7th at Midnight!!!!

Can’t wait to hear from you!!!!!!


Halloween Lectures

On October 26th, the HSA, with guest professors from the Classics Department, is presenting a series of ~spooky~ Halloween prof talks! Drinks and Halloween-themed snacks will be served during an awesome discussion about creepy, paranormal, occult and ghostly stories from human history!

The lineup for the lecture series consists of:

  • Prof. Lynn Kozak (Ghosts in History)
  • Prof. Jeremy Tai (Ghost Festival in China)
  • Prof. Darian Totten (Archeological Hauntings)
  • Prof. Brian Lewis (Witchcraft and Queerness in Britain)

A facebook event is forthcoming. Stay tuned!


Speaker Series

The Department of History and Classical Studies will be presenting a series of talks, held every other Monday at 3:30 in Leacock 834. Here is a list of presentations for the coming semester – make sure to come check out both our own professors and visiting experts from across the continent:

Monday, 31 October. Piotr H. Kosicki (History, University of Maryland)

     “The Limits of Catholicism: The Case of Tadeusz Mazowiecki”

               Co-sponsored by the School of Religious Studies

Monday, 14 November. Stuart McCook (History, University of Guelph)

      “The Political Ecology of ‘Bad’ Coffee in the Twentieth Century”


Monday, 28 November. Valerie Korinek (History, University of Saskatchewan)

“Exporting and Defending ‘Marriage’: Canada, Gay and Lesbian Marriage, and the International Implications”


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