Apr 6, 2015

historical discourses launch-page-001


The HSA and Historical Discourses would like to invite students, faculty members, and the general public to the launch party of the 2015 issues of our journal! This will be a casual event for us not only to celebrate another edition of Historical Discourses (the Beyonce of McGill undergraduate publications), but to mingle with fellow history students over a glass of wine and a shared sense of jealousy towards ten writers who clearly have it together.

A message from Anna Evangeline and Cynthia Snell, editors-in-chief of Historical Discourses:

It is with great pride and pleasure that we present the twenty-ninth edition of Historical Discourses, McGill University’s undergraduate history journal. As a representation and celebration of undergraduate writing, the journal is faced with the daunting task of selecting the best pieces to showcase each year. While we had a tremendous number of outstanding submissions this year, we believe that this year’s ten papers uniquely demonstrate the diversity and excellence of historical scholarship at the undergraduate level.

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