Listserv: Apr 4, 2015

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“I am the Emperor, and I want dumplings.”
The only coherent command made by Ferdinand V, Emperor of Austria
(mentally incapacitated due to Habsburg inbreeding – but still reigned for 13 years!)

Tweet of the Week! (@HSA_McGill)

According to his French doctors, the impotent Qing Emperor Guangxu “would only feel aroused by the sound of percussion instruments in his dreams, which would give him sensual feelings and lead to nocturnal emissions.” Gongs, drums, and cymbals were subsequently installed in his chambers. #SelfStrengtheningMovement

The Preamble

Good morning everybody,

Next year’s History classes are up on Minerva, so go check them out! If you really want to get into a class but don’t have the prerequisites, it’s not the end of the world – talk to the professor teaching the class, and if it seems like you have some kind of a clue, you will usually get in (be prepared to work though). Just don’t be ridiculous and take a Qing history honours seminar armed only with the knowledge that the Emperor Guangxu had a percussion fetish.

Also, just wanted to brag that the HSA won Most Outstanding Large Departmental Association and Most Outstanding Departmental President at the AUS awards last week. A big woohoo for Disha, Eden, Josie, Emma, and everyone who has come to our events for making this year so great. Come hang out with us for the last time next Friday at the Historical Discourses wine and cheese to celebrate the end of the year, and view our symbolically charged sheet of paper! Here’s what’s happening this week:
The Main Events

historical discourses launch-page-001
Historical Discourses Launch – Wine and Cheese!
10 April, 5:30-7:30pm (Arts 160)

The HSA and Historical Discourses would like to invite students, faculty members, and the general public to the launch party of the 2015 issues of our journal! This will be a casual event for us not only to celebrate another edition of Historical Discourses (the Beyonce of McGill undergraduate publications), but to mingle with fellow history students over a glass of wine and a shared sense of jealousy towards ten writers who clearly have it together.
Order Your HSA Apparel!

I’ve attached the form for ordering HSA couture: this year our toques have the same design, but are grey and red instead of grey on grey. Also, we have t-shirts and hoodies! These make great gifts for placating over-interested parents and passively aggressively reminding your significant other that they have not converted to the greener pastures of history yet.

Applications for Important Things

Apply to be HSA VP Internal or Communications
Deadline: 8 April

To all those interested in replacing Nobody as VP Comms and Internal/Events, we’ve decided to ask for your CV and a short cover letter (my Hildegard von Bingen lipsync idea was vetoed). You’re not applying for the Nobel Peace Price, so the cover letter isn’t a big deal – keep it short and sweet. Just confirm that you’ve paid your rent, enjoy history, don’t subscribe to Hegelian teleology, and your fun ideas for the HSA next year. Send it to, we’ll be doing interviews next week. Thanks!

Apply for AUS Essay Centre Coordinator! [Stipended]

Deadline: 6 April, 5pm
Are you passionate about making sure your fellow students get help with their papers? We’re looking for both an Internal and External Coordinator to run the AUS Essay Centre next year! The External Coordinator is responsible for advertising, promotion and communicating with the AUS and external groups. The Internal Coordinator is responsible for hiring tutors, scheduling, and orientation. Both positions will split staffing drop-in hours each week.

Those interested must be at McGill for the entire 2015-2016 academic year and meet at least a 3.3 GPA. To apply, please fill out the brief application here and email your CV to by 5pm on Monday, April 6th.

Arts Student Employment Fund: Summer Jobs On-Campus!

Looking for work experience in Montreal this summer? The Arts Student Employment Fund has some exciting opportunities available! The following postings are currently open for applications:

“Translating Research into Practice” Summer Student with the Institute for Health & Social Policy (
Summer Collections Survey Student with the McGill Visual Arts Collection (

All positions are remunerated and open to students who have contributed the ASEF fee. Keep an eye on our Job Postings page ( in the coming weeks for more opportunities!

Other Events

McSWAY Annual Flea Market
Friday April 10, 2:30-7:30 (SSMU Ballroom)
Come sell & buy at our 2nd Annual McSWAY Flea Market on April 10th!

McSWAY is hosting its second end of semester spring flea market for McGill Students. We welcome all students to clean out your closets and home before moving in and about. Last year we had over 500 visitors and 30 sellers. It will be on Friday, April 10th, 2015 from 2:30 PM – 7:30 PM in the SSMU ballroom, and it only costs $10 for one table & $15 for two tables. Sharing is allowed! All funds from tables goes to support on campus poetry events, and workshops 🙂


We are also looking for volunteers to help out with the event. Those interested please send us a message to,
The HSA and You

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact your benevolent leaders!

President – Disha Jani

VP Finance – Emma Meldrum

VP Internal/Events – Josie Teed

VP Communications – Ben Wong
VP Academic/External – Eden Rusnell

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