Listserv: Mar 14, 2015

​”My wife would be delighted.”
King George V, in response to the chairman of Cunard Line, which sought the king’s approval to name its newest ocean liner after “the greatest queen of England.”
(they actually meant Queen Victoria, but this narcissistic snafu meant that the ship would be called the RMS Queen Mary)

Tweet of the Week! (@HSA_McGill)

Ambassadors in Rome in 1931 found it hard to reach “Il Duce” Benito Mussolini, as he was busy obsessing over the of interior design of Italy’s new flagship ocean liner, the SS Rex. He insisted on micromanaging the execution of a “Roman Empire Revived” chic look. #projectwaterway

The Preamble

Good morning everyone,

Happy St. Patrick’s Weekend-that-extends-to-Tuesday! Please enjoy the only time of the year when you can pull a John A. MacDonald, and be carried home before noon without judgement. The HSA invites you all to come to two great events on the morning of the 17th: at 9:30, two McGill History alumni/ Princeton PhDs will be talking about their experiences with graduate school. At 11:30, come the HSA and Montreal Hip Hop Week’s round table, the topics are honestly way too interesting to pass up: Dr. Fitzpatrick will be talking about the US State Department’s relationship and funding of hip hop artists across the world, Dr. Cho the role of K-pop in Korean nationalism, and Dr. Ogbar the influence of hip hop on political movements across the world. There’s also free lunch from Dagwoods. What a great way to tell your parents that you actually did something academic this week without technically lying.
Just a reminder that applications for HSA executive positions have been extended to March 17. Here’s what’s ​happening this week:
The Main Events

History PhD on your Mind?: A Chat With Recent Alumni

Tuesday 17 March, Petersen Hall 116 (9:30am-11:30am)
McGill History alumni Padraic Scanlan and Catherine Evans are former McGill undergrads who have recently completed History PhDs at Princeton. They will be talking about their experiences.with undergrads and MA’s who are interested in further graduate work in history Come ask them your burning questions, or just hang out with some people with McGill BA’s who went on to do cool things!

Music and Movement: The Intersection of Song, Diaspora, and the Nation State

Tuesday 17 March, Arts 160 (11:30am-1:30am)
Round table time! The HSA will be hosting an informal lunch talk as a part of Hip Hop Week Montreal, which is officially our weirdest, but most interesting pairing to date!The History Students’ Association of McGill University and Montreal Hip Hop Week will be hosting a panel on the way musicians and their craft have shaped our understanding of history, culture, and national spaces. Prof. Jeffrey Ogbar from the University of Connecticut will be joined by Prof. Michelle Cho from East Asian Studies, Prof. Shanon Fitzpatrick from History, and Prof. Bronwen Low from Education. Each speaker will be discussing an aspect of their work as it relates to music history and the complex relationships between different communities and aural identities. An informal discussion will follow the presentations.

Lunch will be provided. All are welcome. Make sure to check out Hip Hop Week Montreal for more events!

Questions about course registration? Do you know where to go about your program requirements? Not sure where to find help? Course registration is right around the corner: Come visit our Arts OASIS Peer Advisors to have all of your questions answered!Tuesday March 24th McConnell Residence Hall common room (5:30–6:30pm)
Thursday March 26th Arts Lounge, Leacock B-12 (5:30–6:30pm)

Friday 20 March, Otto Maass Room 217 (3:40pm-5:10pm)

Panel Discussion on Ancient Lyric Poetry in Archaic Greece and Zhou Dynasty China (10thC -5thC BC):
Society of China Studies proudly presents our first cross-civilization discussion on poetic tradition in archaic China and Greece. Have you ever heard of Shi Jing or Sappho? Are you ready to discover poetry of antiquity sprout in the eighth to fifth Century BC? Do you wish to find out how classical lyrics were written, sung and passed down in two different ancient civilizations of ancient China and Greece? What are their historical and literary values and how did they influence later literary work in each civilization? Welcome to join our panel discussion on ancient lyric poetry next Friday!

Dr. Grace Fong (UBC), East Asian Department, McGill
Dr. Lynn Kozak (Nottingham), History and Classical Studies Department, McGill

Time: March 20th (Friday) 3:40pm-5:10pm
Location: Otto MAASS Building Room 217 (801 rue Sherbrooke Ouest)

Homage to Radwa Ashour: Woman From Tantoura Book Discussion

Wednesday, 1 April, Tuesday Night Cafe Theater (5:30pm)
McGill Students for Feminisms is commemorating the life and work of the late Radwa Ashour, renowned Egyptian novelist and one of the greatestest women in Arab literature. In a friendly, open environment, you are invited to share your favourite passage from Woman from Tantoura and talk about what it means to you. This event will be held on April 1 at Tuesday Night Cafe Theatre. Professors joining the event will be:
* Professor Michelle Hartman – Associate Professor of Arabic Literature at the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University
* Professor Rula Abi Saab – Associate Professor of Islamic History at the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University
* Professor Samia Botmeh – Visiting Professor from Birzeit University
* Professor Noha Ahmed – from Cairo University and a relative of the late Radwa Ashour.

March 23-26

The McGill Tribune is hosting a Journalism & Media conference, a 4-day long FREE conference that will feature speakers, panels, workshops, and two keynote speakers, all focusing on different aspects of journalism and media. There will be many notable speakers scheduled to speak, including former CBC director Mary-Jo Barr, The Walrus Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kay, and Montreal Gazette Editor-in-Chief Lucinda Chodan. Free snacks and chicken wings from Gerts, as well as coffee and water, will be provided. If you have any questions, email

The HSA and YouAs always, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact your benevolent leaders!

President – Disha Jani

VP Finance – Emma Meldrum

VP Internal/Events – Josie Teed

VP Communications – Ben Wong

VP Academic/External – Eden Rusnell

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