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Your home, once the holiest of all, has become the most licentious den of thieves, the most shameless of all brothels, the kingdom of sin, death, and hell. It is so bad that even Antichrist himself, if he should come, could think of nothing to add to its wickedness.
Martin Luther, Remarks on Café Campus
 (just kidding, it’s from The Freedom of a Christian)

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Some 19th Century Greek Orthodox churches in the Ottoman Empire operated as semi-brothels: in exchange for $$$, one could marry a woman, have God-approved intercourse, and obtain a divorce within an hour #sanctityofmarriage

The Preamble

Good evening everyone,

Hope everyone isn’t too far behind on their readings already, we only have 2.5 months to go! Because I am a cool mom who wants to name drop, I have to tell you guys that two history students that I have the pleasure of knowing personally will be presenting at the McGill Arts Peer-to-Peer Research Symposium. On 3 February at 5pm, Disha Jani, our wonderfully benevolent president, will be presenting on problems surrounding transnational revolution, showing us her research on the League Against Imperialism and the Indian National Congress. And on 9 February at 6pm, Patrick Helferty will be presenting on propaganda and constructions of masculinity during the World Wars. Meanwhile, I am braiding my hair, watching Reign, and getting Doritos on my readings. It’s always nice to celebrate people who clearly have it together, so I will see you all there!
In other news, the many events that I always casually mention that we are planning are finally on the horizon! February will see our third academic round table, this time on Valentine’s Day and love, as well as a Thomson House party with the CSA, ASA, and SSA (sneak preview: the theme is Garden of Eden After Adam Gets Shy and Wickedness Reigns). On that note, here’s what’s happening this week:
Thursday, 5 February, Leacock 232 (6-8PM)
what is love poster-page-001 (2)
In an age where we spend our Valentine’s Day swiping right on Tinder, re-financing our student loans to take bae to Juliette et Chocolat, and live-tweeting bizarre emotional reactions to The Notebook, it’s always nice to see how love used to be. Professors and Lynn Kozak and Michael Fronda from Classics will be joining Professors Griet Vankeerberghen and Brian Lewis on Thursday 5 February to discuss topics surrounding love: platonic, romantic, homoerotic, neurotic, etc. So far I know that Professor Kozak will be performing and discussing Greek love poetry, and I can guarantee that the other three topics will be just as interesting: Fronda, Vankeerberghen, and Lewis are specialists in Roman history, ancient Chinese conjugal relations, and British queer history respectively.
Candy and light snacks will be served. I’ve attached the poster to this e-mail. Feel free to invite friends, family or your date, as the event is open to the public.
Applications for Important Things

Register for McGill Summer Studies in Greece!
Deadline: 3 April

If you have an interest in the history and geopolitics of ancient or modern Greece, Byzantium or the Ottoman empire, the Balkans, the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean as a diachronic zone of interactions the MSSG would like to inform you of a new initiative and opportunity to delve further with this interest on-site.

McGill Summer Studies in Greece: June 8 – July 5, 2015

This June, McGill University in collaboration with the International Hellenic University, is organizing for the first time Summer Studies in Greece.
Students from McGill University and from accredited institutions around the world have the unique opportunity to take a 3-credit course in one of Greece’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, Thessalonilki!

Application deadline: April 3, 2015.

FIRST INFORMATION SESSION: Thursday, January 22, 2015 @ 6-8 pm. LEA 219

For more details, visit the MSSG webpage:

Contact MSSG at

Come out on Feb. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 9th to see research presented by your fellow Arts undergraduates! The APPRS is a new initiative, transforming the former Social Science Research Symposium (SSRS) and opening it up to the entire Arts Faculty. The event will include 12 undergraduate students presenting over 4 nights. Each night has its own theme with three students presenting their completed or ongoing research projects, followed by a question period.

This is an amazing opportunity for presenters and audience members alike to engage in academic conversation with other students throughout the Faculty. Come out and join in the scholastic discourse! Please visit our Facebook event ( for more details.

[I-week] Diverse AUS Mini-Conference
27 January, SSMU Ballroon (6-9pm)

Are you an international or immigrant student or an ally for multiculturalism looking for ideas to succeed in university and your future career? If yes, then you should check out Diverse AUS! Arts Undergraduate Society is hosting a small conference from 6PM to 9PM on January 27, Tuesday in SSMU Ballroom as part of i-week. We will be inviting McGill alumni and current student leaders from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds to talk about how they have integrated their international or immigrant identity into the McGill experience. Come hear their success stories and leave with great advice on how to shape yours! There will be a networking opportunity to mingle with the speakers and ask them questions afterwards. Dress code will be casual, and free snacks and beverages will be provided. Hope to see you there!

Event Page:

Calls for Submissions

Historical Discourses
Deadline: Now!

Historical Discourses, McGill’s undergraduate history student journal, is currently accepting submissions for our 2015 publication. Since 1991, the journal has presented the best and the brightest writing in undergraduate history. The reason why I think Historical Discourses is quite frankly the most academically stimulating student journal on campus is because they won’t just copy and paste your essay. An amazing editorial board will actually lead you through the same peer review process that all academics go through, with the end goal of bringing out the best in your best work.

We are looking for strong pieces of history writing either based on primary sources or historiography. The paper should be no longer that 30 pages and have received an A or A-. This year we are also taking part in an exciting new collaboration with the University of Edinburgh. If you have an essay on Canadian history of between 10 and 15 pages please submit it for publication in their history journal, Retrospect. All submissions should be emailed to

If you want to see past issues of Historical Discourses, feel free to stop by the HSA office (Leacock 629): we have the entire back catalogue.Kanata
Deadline: 9 February

KANATA, the Undergraduate Journal of McGill’s Indigenous Studies Community is accepting submissions for its eighth volume! KANATA is an interdisciplinary student-published journal with content (art, academic writing, poetry) that focuses on topics relating to Indigenous Peoples.

Open Submissions:

– Writing from any academic discipline (A-range papers, 15 pages maximum – double-spaced, excluding references)  in French or English
– Non-academic writing and Art including short stories (fiction & non-fiction), poetry, personal reflections, paintings, photography, photo essays, prints etc.

Submissions policy:

– KANATA prioritizes publishing undergraduate work although unpublished material from all levels is also accepted
– Priority is given to McGill students for academic submissions, however students and non-students outside of McGill are encouraged to submit as well
– Please include references for all academic work, your full name, and the academic institution or community of which you are a member.

Deadline for Submissions: Monday, February 9, 2015

Please Send submissions in an email attachment to:
For questions and/or more information please contact:
Previous journals are also available for viewing online at:

Canadian Content

The Canadian Studies undergrad journal, Canadian Content, will be accepting submissions until the end of February! Send your relevant research papers, creative writing, poetry and photography to Graded work can be from any discipline, but should have received at least an A-, and be approximately 10 to 20 pages in length. Thanks!

McGill Journal of Middle East Studies
Deadline: 31 January
“The McGill Journal of Middle East Studies (MJMES) is now accepting submissions for its 2014-2015 issue! Papers must be at least 10 pages in length, concern the modern Middle East, have received a grade of A- or higher (we will also accept ungraded papers that have been written outside the classroom), and written in English, French or Arabic. We also encourage you to submit photo essays and cover photos! Submissions must be sent to by January 31st, 2015. The journal is also currently accepting shorter contributions, pieces ranging from 500 – 1000 words, on a rolling basis for its blog: (

The Journal is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in writing, submitting, and revising articles for an academic journal. If selected for publication, an author’s article will be printed in the Journal and distributed to various libraries and institutions around the world as well as on our website, Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns!”

Columbia University’s Journal of Politics and Society

Deadline: 12 January

Columbia University’s Journal of Politics and Society, an academic journal of social sciences and history, is currently accepting student papers for 2015. The Journal is distributed nationally among academics on EBSCO, Google Scholar, and the Library of Congress, and is seeking outstanding student research papers from seminars, upper-level electives, independent study and thesis programs. The preference is for papers between 20 and 50 pages, thought all submissions will be considered, and the deadline is 12 January 2015.”

The deadline for student paper submissions is January 12th, 2015. To download a Call for Papers PDF, please visit our website.

If you care to learn more about the organization or to view past editions of the Journal, please visit

Deadline: 15 February

Hirundo is currently accepting submissions! This is your opportunity to have your work travel far and wide and contribute to the development of Classical Studies. We welcome submissions of research essays, original poetry, plays, Greek or Latin translations, artwork, or original photographs.

Papers need to be at least 8 pages long and must have received an A or an A-. Only undergraduate papers are accepted. You may submit maximum 2 papers. All submissions must be in Word (or PDF). Please remove your personal information before sending your work.
Original photographs (JPEG or PNG format) may be in colour or black-and-white. Submissions should include an informative caption describing the significance of the photo. All artwork will be reviewed for possible publication on the journal cover.

Only submissions sent from your official McGill address will be accepted.
E-mail your work to

The HSA and You

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact your benevolent leaders!

President – Disha Jani

VP Finance – Emma Meldrum

VP Internal/Events – Josie Teed

VP Communications – Ben Wong

VP Academic/External – Eden Rusnell

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