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“Pray good people be civil, I am the Protestant whore”

Nell Gwyn, mistress of King Charles II, to a mob of angry Puritans that confused her with one of Charles’ Catholic dalliances

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Historical #beautytips: Cleopatra attributed her good looks and complexion to a constant diet of various pickles

The Preamble

Good morning everyone,

I’d like to welcome back our friends emerging from Carnival: please remember to check the City of Montreal website for information on appropriate biowaste disposal sites for your Pikachu jumpsuits. Here’s a fun fact: Ancient Romans utilized urine as detergent, as the ammonia was highly effective in removing scrawled obscenities and tough Power Hour stains from their togas. Just a reminder that add/drop period ends tomorrow, which means time to get started on readings! If you’re having second thoughts about that 300-level polisci lecture with a cool title, now is the time to return to the greener pastures of history.  For those still on the waitlist for classes, now is the time to prepare an elaborate narrative about how much your idolize the professor teaching it, have wanted to take the class since your sixth birthday, and how absolutely ruined your life will be if you don’t get into that Ottoman Empire lecture. In some cases, your professor may except your from the tyranny of class size caps, so don’t give up hope.

This week, expect to find calls for submissions by every single undergraduate journal under the sun. Remember that time you were so enthusiastic about a history paper topic that you wrote it two days before the due date? Instead of allowing your efforts to languish in My Documents for eternity, please consider submitting it to our undergraduate journal, Historical Discourses. It’s honestly such a great opportunity for you to get recognition for your work: a LinkedIn profile doesn’t write itself!  Plus it will give mom something to show off about to relatives: “I’m so happy for your child’s [insert minor accomplishment], but my kid is a professionally published writer.” Here’s what’s happening this week:

The Main Event

Historical Discourses
Deadline: Now!

Historical Discourses, McGill’s undergraduate history student journal, is currently accepting submissions for our 2015 publication. Since 1991, the journal has presented the best and the brightest writing in undergraduate history. The reason why I think Historical Discourses is quite frankly the most academically stimulating student journal on campus is because they won’t just copy and paste your essay. An amazing editorial board will actually lead you through the same peer review process that all academics go through, with the end goal of bringing out the best in your best work.

We are looking for strong pieces of history writing either based on primary sources or historiography. The paper should be no longer that 30 pages and have received an A or A-. This year we are also taking part in an exciting new collaboration with the University of Edinburgh. If you have an essay on Canadian history of between 10 and 15 pages please submit it for publication in their history journal, Retrospect. All submissions should be emailed to

If you want to see past issues of Historical Discourses, feel free to stop by the HSA office (Leacock 629): we have the entire back catalogue.
Applications for Important Things
Become a Member of Homework Zone!
Deadline: 20 January
Based out of McGill’s SEDE Office, Homework Zone is an alternative mentoring program for elementary students in different Montreal neighbourhoods. McGill volunteers are paired with students in grades 1 to 6 for ten weeks, and share their skills and knowledge through small group tutoring and activities. Training and support is offered throughout the semester.

Pick and commit to one 3h/week block for 10 weeks, with commuting expenses included:

Mon 2:00-5:00; Tues 2:00-5:00; Wed 2:00-5:00; or Thu: 2:30-6:00. Orientation will be held on Jan. 24th, 1-5pm. The program runs from January 26th to April 9th (excluding March Break). Travel costs with STM transit are fully subsidized.

To apply and get more information, email or fill the form over at Deadline: January 20th.

Federal Government Career & Networking Trip to Ottawa/Gatineau

Deadline: 20 January

Interested in exploring career opportunities within the federal government? Please join us for our first federal government career tour in collaboration with CaPS and PGSS, where you will have the opportunity to hear about career paths in the public sector and network with hiring managers! This will be an exclusive opportunity to network with government officials. Special emphasis will be placed on public service renewal and the programs geared towards student employment.

There are still spots available for undergraduate students, so register now!

AUS Reading Groups – Call for Proposals [Deadline Extended]

Deadline: 23 January

Arts students! Ever wished you could study e.e. Cummings in more depth? Maybe you’re dying to read de Beauvoir’s Second Sex? Well, if there’s any author or text that you wished you could read but just haven’t had the opportunity, you might be interested in forming an AUS Reading Group!

The Winter 2015 semester will see the pilot of the AUS Reading Group Project, which aims to encourage undergraduate-led research, discussion and collaboration. Groups will be eligible to receive AUS funding in order to facilitate the cost of materials and increase accessibility! If you’re interested in putting together a Reading Group on a topic of your choice, please fill out this short form ( and submit to by the extended deadline of Friday, January 23rd.
The Department of History Needs Members for a Focus Group!
20 January, 5pm (Ferrier 333)

The Department is thinking about its curriculum as a whole and would like to invite interested major program students to participate in one of two focus groups. Professor Suzanne Morton is looking to meet with a dozen students on Tuesday 20 January at 5:00 in Ferrier 333.  If you would like to participate please contact Professor Morton at   Alternately, I have attached  some of the questions to be discussed and if you would like to write – in confidence – to her on any of these issues she would welcome hearing from you before 23 January. She hopes to be able to make a report of my findings at a meeting in late January.
Calls for Submissions

Canadian Content

The Canadian Studies undergrad journal, Canadian Content, will be accepting submissions until the end of February! Send your relevant research papers, creative writing, poetry and photography to Graded work can be from any discipline, but should have received at least an A-, and be approximately 10 to 20 pages in length. Thanks!

McGill Journal of Middle East Studies
Deadline: 31 January

“The McGill Journal of Middle East Studies (MJMES) is now accepting submissions for its 2014-2015 issue! Papers must be at least 10 pages in length, concern the modern Middle East, have received a grade of A- or higher (we will also accept ungraded papers that have been written outside the classroom), and written in English, French or Arabic. We also encourage you to submit photo essays and cover photos! Submissions must be sent to by January 31st, 2015. The journal is also currently accepting shorter contributions, pieces ranging from 500 – 1000 words, on a rolling basis for its blog: (

The Journal is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in writing, submitting, and revising articles for an academic journal. If selected for publication, an author’s article will be printed in the Journal and distributed to various libraries and institutions around the world as well as on our website, Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns!”

Columbia University’s Journal of Politics and Society
Deadline: 12 January

Columbia University’s Journal of Politics and Society, an academic journal of social sciences and history, is currently accepting student papers for 2015. The Journal is distributed nationally among academics on EBSCO, Google Scholar, and the Library of Congress, and is seeking outstanding student research papers from seminars, upper-level electives, independent study and thesis programs. The preference is for papers between 20 and 50 pages, thought all submissions will be considered, and the deadline is 12 January 2015.”

The deadline for student paper submissions is January 12th, 2015. To download a Call for Papers PDF, please visit our website.

If you care to learn more about the organization or to view past editions of the Journal, please visit

Deadline: 15 February

Hirundo is currently accepting submissions! This is your opportunity to have your work travel far and wide and contribute to the development of Classical Studies. We welcome submissions of research essays, original poetry, plays, Greek or Latin translations, artwork, or original photographs.

Papers need to be at least 8 pages long and must have received an A or an A-. Only undergraduate papers are accepted. You may submit maximum 2 papers. All submissions must be in Word (or PDF). Please remove your personal information before sending your work.
Original photographs (JPEG or PNG format) may be in colour or black-and-white. Submissions should include an informative caption describing the significance of the photo. All artwork will be reviewed for possible publication on the journal cover.

Only submissions sent from your official McGill address will be accepted.
E-mail your work to

The HSA and You

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact your benevolent leaders!

President – Disha Jani

VP Finance – Emma Meldrum

VP Internal/Events – Josie Teed

VP Communications – Ben Wong
VP Academic/External – Eden Rusnell

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