Jan 15, 2014


Join us at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on Saturday the 18th at 1:30 to see the exhibition called Splendore a Venezia: Art and Music from the Renaissance to the Baroque in Venice. This fantastic exhibition on Venetian art and Music will give us a good glimpse of Venetian culture from the late 16th to the 18th century and we will be accompanied by Professor Paula Clarke, who will give us an informal tour! Our colleagues from the Italian Students Association of McGill will join us for this event. We are planning to meet in front of McGill’s Bookstore to walk to the museum at around 1 PM, which will give us plenty of time to be ready to start the tour by 1:30 PM. You can also meet us directly at the museum before 1:30. Tickets cost 10.44$ and we will be able to get group discount if we have 20 or more people.
For a more extensive description of the exhibition, visits the museum’s site:http://venice.mbam.qc.ca/

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