Mar 22, 2012

In regards to the issue of Departmental Association General Assemblies

To the Members of the History Students’ Association,
For the past couple days, the HSA executive has been considering our next step. This has involved going over our constitution many times, speaking to the executive of the AUS, looking into what courses of action other departmental associations are taking, etc. We have been researching a course of action that is not only within our mandate and constitution but is also representative of the interests and voices of students within the Department of History.

We want to wholeheartedly reassure all students that the executive is taking the concerns of its members VERY seriously. The sole reason for our silence thus far is because we feel that being adequately prepared before we make our first move is the fairest course of action for our constituents.

In this regard, will be releasing an official statement over the next few days that will outline our response and the HSA’s next step. 

The HSA executive

Michelle Reddick
Nick Frid 
Jon Cohen
Henry Wardley 
Nathaniel Finestone

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