Mar 21, 2012

To all potential candidates in the upcoming HSA election,

AUS by-laws state that any acclaimed position will receive an extra three days deadline. Since all positions are currently acclaimed, the nomination period for HSA elections has been extended until Thursday, March 22nd at 2 pm.

Candidates must submit

– The HSA nomination kit (available online at
-Please note that this includes a hardcopy of the pen sketch
-Please note that the document must be signed by a member of the AUS executive

– A digital photo

– A digital copy of the pen sketch

Digital photos and pen sketches should be sent to

Candidates, please find attached all the information that would have been covered in the candidates meeting yesterday. Make sure to read thoroughly through the PowerPoint, by-laws, and guidelines.

Best of luck,

The HSA exec

Guidelines for Candidates Campaigning for Faculty and SSMU Elections

Final Powerpoint Presentation-All Candidates Meeting*

2012 AUS Electoral By-Laws


*please note there is a discrepancy in the powerpoint. Candidates are required to collect 30 signatures as indicated on the HSA Nomination Kit. Not 100 as incorrectly stated on the powerpoint.

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