Jan 12, 2012

Join us this upcoming 

Monday,  January 16,  3.30-5.00 pm

Leacock Bldg LEA 808
Yorgos Antoniou, (Visiting Research Fellow, Remarque Institute, NYU & Adjunct professor International Hellenic University, Salonica, Greece)
The Greek Forties in Context: Dealing with the Past in Greece and the European Civil Wars
This lecture examines the evolution of the Axis Occupation and the Greek Civil War Historiography in relation to political and social developments in postwar Greece. The analysis aims at clarifying the interrelation of history writting, remembrance and forgetting in Greek academia in concern with the Greek Civil War and the way politics influence memory, reconciliation and the historiographical production. When is a specific event understood collectively? What is the role of professional historians in this process? What are the characteristics of the so-called ‘revisionist’ school of thought in the Greek context? The paper will conclude with a comparison with the historiography of other european Civil Wars and the stirring debates the rewriting of the past produced in such countries as Ireland, Spain, Finland and others. 

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