Oct 25, 2011

On behalf of Ms. A. Turner (Arts Internship Office)

PFF Community Leadership Program

Community-based change. Student-led innovation.

The PFF Community Leadership Program is a new fellowship program that offers extraordinary opportunities to McGill students with innovative ideas, helping them to bring sustainable and positive social change to the communities in which they work.

The student-led projects that will be funded by this program can be based in any field: social work, public health, business, engineering, education, psychology, the arts, amateur sport – the only limit is the student’s imagination. Projects can be carried out anywhere in the world, as long as the location meets McGill’s guidelines for international travel. Students can work on their own after securing an endorsement from the community, or they can partner with a local organization in implementing their project.

Successful candidates will receive up to $20,000 for an 8-month project or up to $30,000 for a 12-month project. The Fellowships are awarded to graduating students from all faculties and disciplines: undergraduates in their final year are eligible to apply, as are Master’s and Ph.D. students who are completing their degrees. Applications are being accepted until January 30, 2012.

For full details, including important information for applicants, referees and community partners, visit www.mcgill.ca/internships/pffprogramPosters will be sent to all Faculty offices.

An information session will be held on November 17th, 2011  at 1:30 pm in Leacock 232.

See link below for more details:

PFF Community Leadership Program

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