Oct 23, 2011

The McGill Writing Centre is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot tutorial service effective Monday, October 17th, 2011.  Some time during the next two weeks, ICS will be setting up an online appointment system, which students will be able to access via our webpage (www.mcgill.ca/mwc) under a new “Pilot Tutorial Service” tab.  For the time being, students who wish to make an appointment to see a tutor should sign up on the sheets posted on the main door of the Centre:  Redpath Library, Main Floor, Room #02.  Students may also use the service on a drop-in basis.  

Appointments are for 30 minutes.  Students are requested to please show up on time so as to make maximum use of the appointment.  Please see the cancellation policy below.  Tutors will emphasize writing techniques and strategies as well as self-editing processes that will help you to identify and eliminate common mistakes, express yourself clearly, and organize your ideas and arguments effectively. Please note that tutors are not available merely to proofread or edit your work.  This would not only violate McGill’s policies on academic integrity but also inhibit your own development as a writer.


Cancellation and Lateness Policy:

A student who shows up 15 minutes late will be deemed to have cancelled the appointment.  In that case, a late penalty of $25 will be charged.  A late penalty of $25 will also be charged to students who fail to cancel an appointment and/or do not show up for an appointment.  In all such cases, the student will not be able to make another appointment unless and until the late penalty is paid.


Please contact the Tutorial Service Coordinator, Dr. Richard Cooper, for any additional information:  richard.cooper@mcgill.ca.

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