Aug 29, 2011

Are you looking for a cool new elective? Read on for more information about classes in Women’s Studies and Sexual Diversity. Also, the School of Environmental Studies is offering a new course on the Environmental History of Quebec. Read on for more information… 
Are You IN* or Interested in Women’s Studies &/
Sexual Diversity Studies?
Have you declared or are you considering a Minor or Major Concentration in Women’s Studies? How about an Honours or Joint Honours?
Or perhaps a Minor Concentration in Sexual Diversity Studies?
Passionate about feminism, sexual diversity, gender, and women’s issues?
Currently registered in or curious about the
Graduate Option in Gender and Women’s Studies?
IGSF Orientation
Tuesday, August 30th
9:30 – 10:30 Undergraduate Women’s Studies & Sexual Diversity Studies Programs (WMST: Minor, Major, Honours, Joint Honours; SDST: Minor)
11:30 – 12:30 Graduate Option in Gender and Women’s Studies (GWS: MA & PhD)
In the Seminar Room at the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (IGSF), 3487 Peel Street, 2nd Floor
Attendance is Compulsory for ALL Undergraduate Women’s Studies & Sexual Diversity Studies Students and for Students Registered in the   Graduate Option in Gender and Women’s Studies *
For further information contact: Caili Woodyard, Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator, (514) 398-3911,
Are you enrolled in or interested in one of the Women’s Studies Programs?
Looking for a challenging and fascinating elective?
Wondering what new topics courses are offered by the Women’s Studies Programs this year?
Look no further….Here’s the info:
WMST 301: Women’s Studies Current Topics 1: Feminist Theories of Identity.
Fall 2011, M & W 8:35-9:55am in MAASS room 328, Prof. Elizabeth Groeneveld This course explores gendered, sexual, national, and raced identities, and their complex intersections, as key sites for feminist theory and political action. Key themes include: feminist theorizing post-9/11; multiculturalism and the nation; and transgender and sexuality studies.
WMST 302: Women’s Studies Current Topics 2: Feminism in Art and Art History. Fall 2011, W & F 10:05-11:25am in Arts room W-215, Prof. Tamar Tembeck This course examines the contributions of feminist theories and politics to the discipline of art history from the late 1960s to the present. Topics include the revision of the Western art canon and the development of feminist strategies in the theory, practice, and reception of art.
WMST 302: Women’s Studies Current Topics 2: Islamic Feminism. Winter 2012, W 2:35-5:25pm in EDUC room 216, Prof. Fatima Seedat This course will begin by exploring the contending theoretical perspectives that framed the emergence of Islamic feminism, following which it will examine a range of local and national articulations of equality amongst Muslim women.
WMST 401: Women’s Studies Special Topics 1: Women and the State in India: Colonial and Postcolonial Perspectives. Fall 2011, F 9:05-11:55am in EDUC room 519, Prof. Vrinda Narain The aim of the course is to highlight the complexity of the relationship between feminism and the nation, examining how feminism in India is both implicated in and impacted by the state discourse of modernity and nationhood.
WMST 401: Women’s Studies Special Topics 1: The Women’s Movement in Canada. Winter 2012, T & R 9:05-10:25am in PL3463 (MISC) room 201, Prof. Judy Rebick Topics will include 2nd wave feminism in the peace and labour movements; the women’s movement as a cross class, cross sector coalition; the power of the pro-choice movement in Canada; anti-racist feminism; multi-national feminism; the central role of the women’s movement in Canadian politics; and why 2nd wave feminism declined in the age of neo-liberalism.
WMST 402: Women’s Studies Special Topics 2: Feminist Periodical Culture
Winter 2012, M 8:35-11:25 am in EDUC room 613, Prof. Elizabeth Groeneveld Drawing on feminist and queer theorizations of the relationships between reading, affect, identity, and material culture, this course examines feminist print publications with a focus on zines and magazines.
For more information, contact Caili Woodyard at



Quebec Environmental History, offered at the School of Environmental Studies at McGill by Post-doc fellow of Quebec Studies, Jessica Van Horssen.

Click this link for more information:    Qc Env-Hist-2011

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